What We Do

We transport your packages FROM the USA to your home at lakeside. This includes not only typical everyday items but Major Appliances, Exercise Equipment, Grills, Fireplace Inserts, Large Furniture, Antiques and hard to find Food Items.

To accomplish this, we:

  • PROVIDE you with a FREE Ship-To-Address in Texas.

  • REVIEW and answer your emails in a timely manner regarding Package Transport Approval.

  • OPEN all packages in Texas to inspect for noticeable damage. If there is noticeable damage we will give you a courtesy call or email to help resolve the problem.

  • PAY¬†your Mexican Customs Tax (16%). We expect reimbursement from you when we deliver your items. NO ITEMS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS TAX!

  • CONSOLIDATE all small package items for transport within Mexico. We do this to improve our shipping capacity as well as to make ready for various inspections conducted by Government Officials (Mexican Army, Mexican Federal Police and Mexican State Police).

  • DELIVER your items to your home. Once we bring your items to Lakeside, which is usually within 2-weeks from the date they arrive in Texas, we will call you with your costs and arrange a time convenient to you for delivery.
    NOTE: Currently, longer waiting times to cross the border and clear Mexican Customs may delay package deliveries at Lakeside for up to an additional week.